Corporate Events

At ACHIEVA CLIMBING we regularly provide corporate event tools using our Portable Rockwall for Team Building and strengthening mental focus and problem solving abilities through our Corporate Events.

Most of the climbing in modern times is considered free climbing.  Climbing using one’s own physical strength, with equipment used solely as protection and not as support—as opposed to aid climbing, the gear-dependent form of climbing that was dominant in the sport’s earlier days. Free climbing is typically divided into several styles that differ from one another depending on the choice of equipment used and the configurations of their belay, rope and anchor systems.

A variety of specialized climbing techniques and climbing equipment is provided to ensure safety. Climbers will usually work in pairs and utilize a system of ropes and anchors designed to catch falls. Ropes and anchors can be configured in different ways to suit many styles of climbing, and roped climbing is thus divided into further sub-types that vary based on how their belay systems are set up. Generally speaking, beginners will start with top roping and/or easy bouldering and work their way up to lead climbing and beyond.


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